Meet Angelee our founder and food lover… ‘ The love of food and the love of life are intrinsically linked. It all starts with the ingredients: fresh, vibrant, zingy and spicy. An absolute joy to your senses. We are on a mission to revolutionise food for the workplace.  Food  that connects, energises and completely nourishes your SOUL’!

It all started with a blog www.nourishedsoulkitchen.com, then leaving her corporate job and launching the first Soul Deli in Spaces in  January 2017.   ‘I walked into Spaces and quite literally plugged into energy’!  It  was one of those light bulb moments. Food that makes you glow in a Space that helps you grow. This was the moment it all came together…the food start up with a vision found her SPACE!

‘I love to cook food that nourishes you from the inside out. For me its all about balance. Knowing that what you are eating is boosting your immune system, souping up your muscles or giving you that radiant glow literally fills me with excitement’.

Soul Food

Our food is sourced and made with love. Using the freshest ingredients, bringing the ‘rainbow’ to your plate.  Our suppliers are our friends and often will be joining us in our foodie events, for you all to join in, have fun and connect

Our Sunshine morning smoothie will have you kicking ass in the board room and our Super SOUL Salads will have you firing on all cylinders. This is your SOUL deli…a place to connect energise, glow and grow xxx

So I made some life choices and my food therapy became my life therapy!